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Case studies, articles and blogs of practical examples on what Community Businesses are doing across the UK.
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Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic: Community Business Market survey 2020NEW
This report is the first of two to be published around the 2020 annual Community Business Market Survey data, from Power to Change.
How to sustain community spirit beyond Covid-19
The paper presents a set of six insights into the initial community response to the crisis.

Social movement stories
A collection of Social movements in and beyond the COVID-19 crisis: sharing stories of struggles.

History shows strong communities crucial to defining a post-COVID future
An essay that puts the community-level response to COVID-19 in context of previous national crises – from the plague to the great flood.

Owning the Future: After COVID-19, a new era of community wealth building
Report by Democracy Collaborative on system change.

HCT Group News
All the latest news from the transport social enterprise, the HCT Group.

CLES calls for new era of community wealth building


Food, mental well-being, mobilising volunteers: How community businesses are rebuilding
Hannah Corbett, Looks at how some Community Businesses are changing their business models.
How can community businesses keep up the ‘good work’ beyond COVID-19?
In this joint blog, CUSP researchers together with colleagues from Locality, outline some of the early frames of the joint research project looking at the idea of ‘good work’ in community business.

COVID-19: Grimsby Deep Dive
Will Thomson from SIB, uses data to dig a little deeper into how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting places and people across the country.

Four scenarios and a future for communities
James Goodman, looks at how four future scenarios can help us to understand the role that communities can play beyond COVID-19.

Squatting the economy
Erika Rushton looks at the ability of volunteers and social pioneers to be more responsive to local needs than traditional markets.

Crisis, Recovery, Transition, Legacy
Jess Steele from WRNV Hastings, argues for the three big shifts prompted by Covid-19 that could positively shape the future of Hastings.

The World Changed
Bill Graham reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on the community business sector in the first two weeks of crisis.

5 things the government might not want us to learn from the fight against covid-19 and what it means for a different kind of economics
Jess Prendergrast from the Onion Collective on the critical lessons Covid-19 has shown us, and why we shouldn’t forget them.

Make Do: Travelling at the Speed of Trust
Iain Chambers from Brightons Bevy pub reflects on the early impact of COVID-19.

Freelance Life Under Lockdown
Adrian Ashton on how freelancing through floods trained him for life under lockdown.

After the crisis: let’s fix procurement
Alastair Parvin, on why procurement needs fixing

Centralised or multi-level: which governance systems are having a ‘good’ pandemic?
Jen Gaskell and Gerry Stoker write about how decentralised capacity, combined with a constructive relationship at different levels of governance, may result in a more effective strategy during a crisis.

The biggest chance we will probably ever get
Laura Seebohm from Changing Lives, on the inequality that Covid-19 will expose.

8 Tips for framing Covid-19
Ella Saltmarshe on why language is so important at this time.


Stories, articles and blogs about funding community businesses.


Crowdfunding a community pub

How community-owned pub, The Craufurd Arms responded to closure and used crowdfunding to support its staff.

By Community Shares Company & the Craufurd Arms Maidenhead.

Social Connection

Online and offline social connection (services, information & entertainment).


Moving services online

Taking services online and supporting those with little access to connect.

By Chichester Community Development Trust.

Creating local streaming content

Isolation Station Hastings, working with local people and organisations to stream daily content from people’s homes.

By WRNV Ltd, Hastings.

Community connection

Ways to keep the community connected, especially anyone isolated, plus including guidelines for volunteers.

By the Onion Collective.

Community newspapers

Publishing monthly community newspapers in Waltham Forest, Tottenham and Enfield.

By Social Spider.

Creating a local volunteer hub

A town-wide support hub of 900+ resident volunteers and 45+ coordinators.

By Hastings Emergency Action Response team.


Supporting staff and volunteer wellbeing.


Supporting staff remotely

Providing structure while working remotely and using the 5 ways to wellbeing to support staff.

By Project 6.


Keeping OCD at Bay During Covid-19
Stuart Large, who has OCD, reflects on how the current climate may affect others with existing mental health difficulties.


Managing food preparation, delivery and/or distribution.


Grocery Delivery

Re-purposing the community shop for grocery delivery.

By Bretforton Community Shop, Worcestershire.

Hot meal delivery

“Bevy Bites”, providing hot meals for vulnerable people in the Moulsecoomb area of Brighton.

By the Bevy, Brighton.

Adapting a Bakery

Transforming the bakery to account for social distancing.

By Homebaked Cooperative Bakery Anfield.


Liverpool Independent Food Delivery Service
Keeping households supplied with fresh food.
Business heroes: Homebaked
Food business adapting to COVID-19.

Chichester at Home
Groceries to your door service.

Farm Urban - greens for good
Super tasty, sustainable greens.


Health & Social Care

Maintaining community-based health and social care.


Mental health services online

Moving mental health support services from 'face to face' to digital.

By Inspired Neighbourhoods Group.


Remarkable community co-ordination to help Watchet through coronavirus
A news article about the NHS recognising the work of the Watchet Coronavirus Support Group.


The future of adult social care and support
Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chairman of the Local Government Association’s Community Wellbeing Board, reflects on social care recovery and reform beyond COVID-19.
Health and social care are undeniably intertwined: If one fails, the other falls
Professor Donna Hall, highlights the inequality between support for health provision and that for care provision, and discusses how this must change.

Together we can
Neil Crowther, looks at why social care doesn’t enjoy the same profile as the NHS and how this could be a turning point.

A Re-imagined Health and Social Care System
Professor Donna Hall, explores if the learning from our collective response to CV19 could lead us towards a re-imagined health and care system.


Supporting micro-enterprises in your network.


Supporting tenant micro-enterprises

Surveying and providing support to tenants in Rock House, a mixed-use building which contains 6 capped-rent flats and 80 micro-enterprises.

By Rock House, Hastings.

Bringing together ideas to support the community

Virtual soup gatherings to pitch ideas for the community and provide small investments for women as a source of social change.

By Flourish Together CIC.


Working in partnership with local authorities and business.


Repurposing a workshop and training centre

Working with Mid-Devon District Council to repurpose the mill as temporary accommodation for vulnerable people and frontline workers.

By Selgars Mill.


How is Covid-19 changing the relationship between communities and public services?
An exploration on how community responses to COVID-19 might disrupt the current relationship between communities and public services and how they could begin to shape a different dynamic in which residents have more power and control over what happens in their area.
Councils’ economic confidence plummets but faith in community hits all-time high
New Local Government Network’s (NLGN) Leadership Index found that Council heads praised community efforts in tackling the pandemic, while for three quarters of them, economic confidence at its lowest levels since the survey began.

Community hubs & assets


Reclaiming Rent, Reclaiming the Commons NEW
What does community-led housing stand for? What are the individual projects examples of? Why did communities feel a need to develop these practical projects in the face of enormous obstacles?
Life after Coronavirus - A new high street is waiting
As Coronavirus forces us to slow down, stay local and re-evaluate what’s actually important, this could be an opportunity to unlock the groundswell of green and community enterprise that’s waiting in the wings.

Community building in Gloucester: a necessity of austerity or the right approach for residents?
Investigation into community building in Gloucester from the Centre for Public Impact.

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